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ThinkPad 240

This page gives an overview of the ThinkPad 240.

Standard Features

  • One of the following CPUs:
  • One of the following GPUs, wired to one of the following display panels:
  • One of the following chipsets, wired to two of the following RAM slots:
  • 2.5-inch IDE slot with one of the following:
    • 3.2, 6.4, or 12GB 4200 RPM, 9.5-millimeter HDD
  • MiniPCI slot with one of the following:
  • One of the following audio codecs:
  • Machine Type(s): 2609
  • One of the following dimensions:
    • 10.4-inch: 260 x 202 x 26.6 millimeters or 10.2 x 8.0 x 1.05 inches (with 3-cell, +16.9 millimeters or 0.67 inches if equipped with 6-cell)
  • One of the following weights:
    • 10.4-inch: 1.35 kilograms or 2.98 pounds (with 3-cell, +0.08 kilograms or 0.18 pounds if equipped with 6-cell)

  1. The MiniPCI slot does not have sufficient clearance to support anything bigger or longer than a Type 3b card, which would mean that most wireless cards are not going to fit in. It would be a good suggestion to get a low-profile MiniPCI wireless adapter, such as the Wistron DCMA-81 (Atheros AR5006XS-based card).


ThinkPad 240