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Any hint, which MiniPCI devices are supported by the latest BIOS version? Does the support of MiniPCI depend on the BIOS at all, when using Linux? AFAIK, the Linux Kernel has "BIOS independet" access to HW devices?

I suspect your limited to just the modem it came with, certainly an Ethernet card would not work, since you do not have the physical port, a WiFi card might work, if the BIOS does not have a whitelist, but you would not have any antenna for it.

--Tonko 04:14, 10 Jan 2006 (CET)

There are MiniPCI wireless cards that come with a little antenna board to be builtin to the notebook. But i doubt you would find a place within the 240 to fit it.

AFAIK there is no whitelist in BIOS. I have a minipci wireless card installed and it works fine. The problem is the antenna. It should be a compact model. Then you can fix it somewhere under the keyboard.

Another thing: with some special memory-modules the thinkpad 240 can take 320mb of memory. But that's not official. Should this be added to the hardware-summary? Next time i reboot my 240 i'll look for the exact specification. It is a 256-mb samsung-module, pc-100.

--steiger 13:52, 24 Dec 2006 (CET)