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IBM TrackPoint

IBM TrackPoint

The TrackPoint is IBMs name for the stick that sits between the g, h and b keys of the keyboard. It is used as a pointing device and hence as an alternative to an external mouse or a touchpad. What sets it apart from devices found in notebooks of other manufacturers is that it has no moving parts. It works using a solid state strain gauge. Its tap-to-click feature, which means that you can tap the stick to do a left click instead of using the left mouse button, is also handy.


Have a look at How to configure the TrackPoint.

Models featuring this Technology


The original TrackPoint was not a pointing stick, but was rather a trackball option.

  • PS/2 L40 SX

TrackPoint II

TrackPoint III

IBM did, at least once, license the TrackPoint technology to another company. PC Magazine, 1997-02-21 page 152, says about HP OmniBook 5500CS: 'The pointing stick uses the latest TrackPoint III technology from IBM.'.

TrackPoint IV

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