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First introduced in the T20, the UltraPort is a proprietary USB 1.1 port found installed in-between the display latches on the models featuring it. It was a very short-lived gimmick as it disappeared after the introduction of the T30, which was expected as the UltraPort's accessories were not as popular or useful as the UltraBay's accessories.


Due to being a proprietary port, the UltraPort is not as versatile as a regular USB port. Fortunately, as the UltraPort is nothing more than a USB port with a custom connector, it can be modified to accept USB devices by soldering a USB connector to it. It is advised to be extremely careful while doing so however, as the UltraPort connector is directly integrated into the video cable.



By measuring the UltraPort's pins of an X21, this was the result. It is not very rigorously tested and may be incorrect; proceed with caution if you are performing modifications to the connector.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
GND ? VCC VCC GND D+ D- GND = ? ? ? ? GND

Pin Name Description
1,5,8,13 GND Ground
3,4 VCC +5 V DC
6 D+ Data+
7 D- Data-
2,9,10,11,12 ? Unknown
= Not a pin, fastener

Linux support

The UltraPort is automatically detected and utilized by the kernel's USB subsystem. See the accessories' own pages for more information regarding the status of their Linux support.

Models featuring this technology