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Yes, the UltraPort was available throughout all models of the T2x series. And yes, it was rarely found in models from the T30 series. But the location overview movie at the IBM web page shows the UltraPort and it mentions it on the page. So this seems to indicate that some T30 models still came with it. Wyrfel 03:57, 27 Nov 2004 (CET)

I have seen a lot of T30 models, and not one had the UltraPort. If the IBM webpage shows it does, that is simply a mistake. It certainly would not be the first time.

Please google for things like "T30 ultraport" or "A30p ultraport" and you will find a lot of pages indicating that there were models with ultraport. Either they all had wrong information or there were models including it. It is true that the mentioning on the locations overview page is a mistake and should obviously be UltraBay, but still you can see the ultraport in the movie picture. However, by writing "the time of the T30" i also refer to the models like the A30p and i think that there is very much stronger indication that there were A30p models with UltraPort. Wyrfel 04:14, 27 Nov 2004 (CET)

I double checked it in the T30 HMM, and it makes no mention of the Ultraport.

I know because I had the UltraPort Camera II, and could no longer use it with my T30, so I gave it away.
My wife has an X22 which does have the connector.

Doing some searches on the Internet and the IBM support pages, these should be all the machines with the UltraPort connector:


I know the T30 and R31 no longer have the connector.

Ok, i changed it to A31p. Here are three links that indicate that it still had the connector...

And here is a ZDNet review that explicitly mentions the connetor for a T30...

However, i'll remove it from the T30 category as long as we don't have a proof. Wyrfel 04:41, 27 Nov 2004 (CET)

why ultraports gone?

Hey guys,

Have you ever found any resources describing why IBM discontinued this very excellent device? I've come to find the integrated camera indispensible. BTW. I have an A31p and a22p and both have ultraports (although you had already pulled that to a pretty good conclusion)...


i thing it has gone because nobody has bought devices to connect to it

Power capability

I can report success with a disembodied T22, and having soldered a normal USB socket onto the ultraport. I can use a USB Mouse OR USB network adapter fine. However, I am unable to both + an unpowered hub with this, so perhaps the ultraport can only supply 100mA of current, rather than the normal 500mA?