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IBM ThinkPad 600E System Kit For Rfid - 05K5855

Hi Folks,

I saw in maintenance manual for the thinkpad 600e that there's an option for this:

IBM ThinkPad 600E System Kit For Rfid - 05K5855

- I am wondering, what's the deal with this kit ?
- What's its main purpose or usage ?
- What does IBM do with it ? 
- Has anyone some information on this topic ?

I haven't found any useful information yet... only a hint in the maintenace manual or in some shops, like [1]

Seems to be an RFID-Tag ... Why is it connected to the mainboard ? Is it to track thinkpads in buildings, or what ?

Any Hints ?

bye alvinx

I think it's to track machines whereabouts. In the 600X BIOS, you can enable or disable the security and "gate" features. Building security systems can monitor which laptops go through a gate and set off an alarm for prohibited machines. I'd bet not too many companies can sell laptops to very secure facilities. - Whizkid 00:36, 13 Sep 2005 (CEST)

Yes, it's used to track and set of RFID loop alarms but it's also used to set the password if enabled. If you walk through theRFID loop it can enable power on/hdd password as well.


Hello to everyone I don't know if I'm supposed to post here but I just want someone to know that the download sight for the 0c19 patch has a corrupt file "" and if it is possible for someone to replace it. Thanks