Installing Kubuntu on an IdeaPad S10

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Installation of Kubuntu 8.10 on an IdeaPad (model 4231-32U)

Series: S10

Model: 4231-32U (Lenovo Support Page)

Operating system: Kubuntu 8.10


What works after installation

What appears to work but not yet verified

What has not yet been tested


Although there is no built-in optical drive, installation via a USB optical drive should work just like a normal install.

However, in the absence of a USB optical device, the installation media can be extracted onto a specially-prepared USB flash drive with at least 1GB of space. UNetbootin will aid in preparing the flash drive as installation media -- use the "Disk Image"/"ISO" mode with a Kubuntu install disk image. Once the USB drive is properly prepared and plugged in, the installation works just like a normal Kubuntu install.

Fixes after installation

Broadcom 802.11bg wireless

Upon opening the hardware drivers configuration page, the Broadcom card is listed as an option. After selecting it and letting Kubuntu install the driver, it will connect successfully via the WPA-encrypted wireless network.