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Yes, we can merge the instruction:

Things, that are not covered by your description: - The windows WLAN-driver does not work with 64bit system and so ndiswrapper does not work. I updated to the 2.6.22 kernel with mac80211-wlan-stack support and installed the iwlwifi-driver (still in development, does not work perfectly) - Did your sound work just by updating alsa and using the alsa-workaround-script? I updated alsa and with kernel 2.6.22 sound worked without any additional workaround.

Shall I include the instructions in your description?

Thank you for adding my instructions. Yes, NVIDIA self-compiled kernel-module works very well. I did this many times before for a Suse 10.0 system and never had any problems. Suspend to disk or ram I didn't try.

By the way, does the email confirmation work for you. I tried many times but never got a confirmation mail.