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sorry for interfering with your work, i know the intended structure of the Specs page is not all logical.

For the howto: I'll introduce a Graphics section in the Driver Installation HOWTO page ("HOWTO - Driver Installation"), you can create a link there the like of How to install framebuffer drivers. If there are special things about the 770E that are not generally valid for other ThinkPads as well, please state them as notes, maybe in a separate section. If it's all 770E specific, think about if it might be more sensible to put the HOWTO onto an 770E Installation page.

Wyrfel 00:30, 11 Mar 2005 (CET)


It's pretty much exclusive for the 770/maybe 660 line... I still can't figure out how to start a new section...


Sections are those, look at the source of this page to see how it's done...




Look at this page: Installation instructions for the ThinkPad 770E, go into edit mode and you will see a prepared link within an HTML comment. Remove the comment, adjust the distribution (compare Categories->Distributions), save and click on Installation to start your page.

Wyrfel 00:39, 11 Mar 2005 (CET)


i didn't mean "session" as in wiki session... but i mean a "new page"... I think it is best that i just stick a "Howto get framebuffers Working" under the category of 770E. How would I do that, and would that work well with the scheme that you have going?

Unfortunately it wouldn't go well with the scheme. Think about that, if you would do it, what should the next guy do who wants to create a page about getting framebuffers working on a 380? How should he call his page? However, what you can do is this... click on this link How to get framebuffer drivers working on a ThinkPad 770E to create the page. At the bottom create the usual Category marker.

Wyrfel 00:47, 11 Mar 2005 (CET)