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Real name: Dave Hughes


  • T42 (2373-???) (primary machine)
  • T30 (2366-DG3) (old primary -- soon to be returned)
  • T21 (????-???) (backup machine)

Currently running:

  • T42: Dual-boot Gentoo + XP
  • T30: XP
  • T21: XP

(these are all work-owned machines - hence the proliferation of XP on them - the T42 is the first one I've had with sufficient HD space to dual-boot with - my XP setup tends to be fat, and I don't mean the FS)

Current issues (on the dual-boot T42):

  • Suspend to RAM not working (quite happy to doze off to sleep, but it's like me in the morning: just won't wake up properly). Tried various kernel parameters (ec_intr=0, nolapic, noapic), but no joy yet.