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At the time of writing I'm an 29 year old man, born in 1986, from Sweden. I started my life in a small town named Hagfors. I moved to the 5th largest city of Sweden, Linköping when I started my university studies. There I studied a master of Computer Science, during my time at the university I started my journey with learning about Linux. And I've been addicted ever since. That was also the time when I bought my ThinkPad X41. Back then it ran Windows, today I'm a proud user of Arch Linux.

I'm working as a Embedded System Engineer at a consultants company named Prevas AB where I get to do everything between heaven and earth, really! I do! I've worked with automotive security systems and Swedish military avionics. These are all very interesting since I love technology, however I am a true believer of open source and that technology should grant freedom to everyone.

What else should I mention about myself. Well I am married with a wonderful lady named Annelie, so when I am not working or programming I spend my time with her. Oh, and the best part is, she loves computers too!

Yours sincerely Rikard Söderström