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I'm running an IBM Thinkpad T40, with Ubuntu 7.04 as the operating system.


A T40 with the following options:

Unresolved questions

It works reasonably well, but I'm trying to find solutions to the following questions / problems that would take it from "good" to "great" :

  • The mute button will mute sound, but pressing it again does not unmute. Is it possible to make it do this?
    Looks like this may be a function of the hardware, and that it's been that way for years.
  • After hibernating, the wired Ethernet sometimes stops working. Despite various combinations of ifup / ifdown, editing /etc/network/interfaces, and /etc/init.d/networking restart, sometimes it refuses to work again. Restarting the computer seems to always make it work again. How to make sure that wired networking always works after a hibernate?
    Same thing happens with wireless too sometimes, and a reboot is required to make it start working again. Hopefully Ubuntu 7.10 will include a fix for this.
    This may be Bug 149968: ipw2100 wifi driver dies at random, which is marked as status "Can't fix". Hmmmm...
  • For other laptop users, the Network Manager Applet in Gnome will display the wireless network strength, and available wireless networks. For me, it only displays the wireless strength. How can I show the available wireless networks in the panel area?

If you have any answers or suggestions, then please edit this page and add them, I would welcome any assistance. -- All the best, Nickj 06:02, 2 September 2007 (UTC)

Fixed things


A reminder to myself of things to try or do, in order:

  1. Update to Ubuntu 7.10 at the end of October, around a week after it has been released, so as to avoid the worst of the bugs.
  2. Then try some of the steps on this page: How to reduce power consumption