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Andrew "lathama" Latham

I have a few ThinkPads

  • ThinkPad T42
    • Hostname: lappy3
    • Fantastic machine but I am on my third fan replacement
    • Screen resolution higher than many of today's laptops
  • ThinkPad T61 (15 inch)
    • Hostname: lappy4
    • Workhorse on its second fan
  • ThinkPad T61 (14 inch)
    • Hostname: lappy5
    • Gift from a friend, the keyboard was damaged and not all the keys work.
  • Thinkpad T410
    • Hostname: lappy6
    • Newish laptop from a project. 160gb ssd and 8gb ram

In the past I also used

  • ThinkPad 760ELD
    • Hostname: lappy1
  • ThinkPad T21
    • Hostname: lappy2

Note that I use the hostname prefix "lappy" as an homage to Strongbad from Homestarrunner.