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I am a student at the FHL University of Applied Sciences Lübeck, studying electrical engineering
and started with Ubuntu in the year 2006, but now Debian is my favourite distribution.
Since August 2007 I proudly own my first and only IBM ThinkPad :)


  • eMail  : flux8 [ÄTT] gmx . net
  • Jabber: mkm [ÄTT] swissjabber . org

My ThinkPad X30

Model: 2672-42G
OS   : Debian 4
       Ubuntu 7.04

additional hardware in use

  • Dock
  • internal CD&DVD-Burner
  • WLAN card (PCMCIA)


The ThinkWiki articel on how to build an own UltraBay drive was very usefull to me!
I bought the following components:

  • NEC ND-6650A
  • Adapter: normal notebook drive -> UltraBay 2000
  • UltraBase X3 media slice (empty)

and all parts fit together without a hitch :)

See my HowTo for more Information.
If this resource is no longer available, please drop me a note so I can update the link.