UltraBay II CD-ROM Drive

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UltraBay II CD-ROM Drive (11J8933/02K0516)

This is an optical drive that slides into an UltraBay II.


  • Read/Write capabilities:
    • CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW (20x or 24x read speed)
  • Tray loading
  • Activity LED

Part numbers

Sanyo CRD-S372BDB (24x speed)

  • 02K0515 (02K0513)

Hitachi CDR-S100B (20x speed)

  • 12J0424 (83H6257)


A bootable firmware update was released back in 2004 for these optical drives, it can be downloaded here. It supports and updates the CRD-S372B (to 1.25), CRD-S372V (to 1.25), CRN-8241B (to 1.30/1.16), CRN-8241U (to 2.28), and the CRN-8245B (to 1.16) drives.

Linux support

If connected at boot time, the drive is normally /dev/sr0.

Models supporting this accessory