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tphdisk is a small program that enables you to create a save2dsk.bin hibernation file on a fat partition of a phoenix notebios based laptop. It is a linux replacement for the msdos program phdisk.exe.

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Help output

Usage: tphdisk <size in MB>
written by Andrew Tridgell <>
This program writes a 'save2dsk.bin' hibernation file to stdout. To
use it you should do something like this:
1) create a type 16 (Hidden FAT16) partition on your laptop
2) format the partition with 'mkdosfs'
3) mount the partition as VFAT
4) create the 'save2dsk.bin' file on the partition using something like
      tphdisk 280 > save2dsk.bin
5) Do a full reboot
The only parameter is the size in megabytes of the save file. This
needs to be at least as big as your main memory + video memory, but you
can make it larger if you want to.
You should also be able to use this to create a hibernation partition
by directing the output to the right device (eg. /dev/hdaX) and
setting the partition type to A0.  I haven't tried this as my thinkpad
doesn't seem to support hibernation partitions.


stable, finished



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