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ThinkPad Dock, Type 2631 (263110U)

This is a proprietary docking station for models with a CS00 standard docking port.



  • 1x PS/2 (Mini-DIN 6, keyboard) port
  • 1x PS/2 (Mini-DIN 6, mouse) port
  • 2x USB 2.0 (Type-A) port2
  • 1x Modem (RJ-11) port
  • 1x Ethernet (RJ-45) port
  • 1x DVI-I (dual-link) out port
  • 1x VGA-out (DE-15) port
  • 1x Parallel (DB-25, ECP/EPP/SPP) port
  • 1x Serial (DE-9, RS-232) port
  • 1x Stereo line-in port (3.5mm, TRS)
  • 1x Proprietary floppy (17 mm) port
  • 1x PCI slot (half-length cards only)4


  • 1x Headphone port (3.5mm, TRS)
  • 1x PCI-based CardBus (2x Type II or 1x Type III, via Texas Instruments PCI1420 controller) slot
  • 1x Ultrabay 2000 (via CMD PCI-0648 PATA controller) slot3
  • 1x Proprietary key lock (secures the laptop to the dock)
  • 1x Kensington security lock slot
  • 1x Integrated power supply with 1 cooling fan (2-pin or 3-pin power socket)


  1. This model does not support DVI pass-through.
  2. These ports are connected to a USB hub, which would mean that all 2 USB ports must not draw more than 500 mA in total (2.5 W). Be cautious when using one of these ports to charge a Palm PDA, or an Android/iOS smartphone.
  3. This Ultrabay slot is not hot-swap capable and does not support the use of an Ultrabay battery.
  4. This PCI slot has a maximum power draw of 25 watts. Attempting to draw more than 25 watts from this PCI slot may result in instability.

Part numbers

with the extension plate

  • 08N1585 (02K8660), 08N1579 (02K8660), 08N1578 (02K8660), 08N1537 (02K8660)

without the extension plate

  • 08N1584 (02K8660), 08N1546 (02K8660), 02K8666 (02K8660)

PCI slot

The PCI slot is a standard PCI slot featured in the Dock. There are no limitations for this slot, except for the size limitation, which can be worked around with a PCI riser or an extension cable.

TV tuner cards (Technisat SkyStar 2), USB 2.0 cards (StarTech PCIUSB7), FireWire 800 cards (LaCie FireWire 800), graphics cards (NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 PCI), have been tested. They will work as long as they do not draw more than 25 watts, as the integrated power supply unit is not capable of supplying more than 25 watts to the PCI slot.

DVI pass-through

LCD monitors are getting larger and higher-resolution. Currently, DVI based on 165MHz TDMS transmitters can only (officially) support 1600x1200x32 at 60Hz, which is the resolution of your average 20" non-widescreen LCD. IBM's driver support for this resolution through DVI ports on docks has been inconsistent. Also in Linux you might experience problems even with this resolution and IBM officially states that the pass-through DVI port only supports resolutions up to 1280x1024. Read our page of information on how to solve these troubles.

Please note that models with an Intel graphics chip are known to not support DVI; such examples would be the GMA 900-based T43 and R52. Most models with an ATI graphics chip on the other hand, are known to support DVI. However, not all models with an ATI graphics chip will support DVI.

Cut internal audio while using dock audio connector

The internal speaker stays on even when you put an audio jack into the port replicator speaker out connector.

To silence the internal speaker use the mute button, which mutes the speakers and internal headphone output on ThinkPads before the Lenovo *61 series. You may need to unmute the AC97/HDA mixer if your Linux distro maps the mute button to also mute the AC97/HDA mixer. Alternatively, it is possible to silence the internal speaker by using the volume down button to bring the volume to 0, without muting.

Models supporting this accessory