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Trackpoint USB keyboard?

I have a French Canadian Trackpoint USB keyboard,


and I'm wondering if I'll need a driver to use its Trackpoint with Linux (Ubuntu 7.04). I did install a driver on my current computer (Windows XP) when I got the keyboard, but maybe I didn't need it...? Or maybe it was for the Trackpoint functionality... I'm really not sure.

I noticed that my keyboard doesn't seem to be even... known about at all. I see that the model # on the back is KPH0035, if that helps anyone.

(No, I am not French Canadian. I covered those different keys with English stickers.)

It should work just by plugging it in. Works for my USB trackpoint keyboard, but mine isn't French Canadian. You'll have to try to be sure ;-) [VB]

To find out for sure, temporarily boot into Linux using a Live CD like Knoppix. --Thinker 21:35, 11 July 2007 (UTC)

Alternative names for the TrackPoint:


First Trackpoint

Was a convertible mouse/trackball made for the IBM L40SX laptop.


I have one, the text on the box says, if it isn't clear - 'Personal System/2 Trackpoint for Model L40 SX' The manual for the system refers to it as the Trackpoint.