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Have you tried connecting an external monitor? I'm trying to get dual monitor working. I tried enabling it thru nvidia-settings tool, but it didn't work (I think there's a documented bug).

Missing information: how to activate microphone

The text says

Microphone: Just needs to be activated, see section below 

But there is no "below" (or #audio, respectively)

Better description of the fingerprint reader problem

I think this will be the same on a T61 (but since i have a T61p i cannot verify, not exactly sure where the differences are!)

Suspend / Hibernate Problems

I'm having serious problems with hibernate (didn't work in Hardy either). Also, sometimes when I suspend (sleep) my machine when it comes back sound won't work until I do a full reboot. Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone have any proposed solutions?

I can confirm the hibernate problem, sleep seems ok though. Fixedd 20:28, 20 January 2009 (UTC)