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Could anybody just give a brief hind on how to replace the hard disc? I haven't gotten a single clue, and I seem not to be able to find any documentation on that topic. I would really be greatful for any help whatsoever. :)

I wonder where you are looking for that documentation.

  • the printed manuals that should have come with your ThinkPad include that documentation
  • the Access IBM help application in Windows includes that documentation
  • the hardware maintenance manuals linked from almost every model page in ThinkWiki includes that documentation
  • googling for "thinkpad replace harddisk" has this link in 5th position and replacing "thinkpad" with your actual model will for sure lead you to more specific documentation

I guess you've just been waiting for someone to throw it into your letter box.

Wyrfel 14:11, 4 Nov 2005 (CET)

FUJITSU MHV2120AH suitable for T41?

Hello guys,

I've bought a Fujitsu MHV2120AH. Has anyone experience whether that harddisk is suitable for the Thinkpad T41? It seems that I can't insert the harddisk entirely.

Thanks a lot. Marcus

Modding ZIF connectors for AT connection in X41

I've been searching online for a new hard disk for my Thinkpad X41 (2525), it has one of those little 1.8" TravelStar drives that seems to have a PATA interface (rows of pins) on it. It looks like these 1.8" drives have been pretty much discontinued by Hitachi and they only sell the same disk but with a ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) connector.

Does anyone know if it is possible to get a PATA to ZIF connector to work in a Thinkpad? or indeed any source of the HTC***AT drives?

--Callum 15:44, 26 September 2007 (UTC)

There are no ZIF-2-PATA adapters (which would fit into the notebook), as far as I can tell. The 1.8" HDDs are produced with ZIF or PATA and all system manufacturers alway use these connectors directly. I think Hitachi is/was the only HDD-manufacturer which offered PATA-Interfaces.

Have you tried to get the HDD through IBM/Lenovo?

They offer parts for at least 5 Years for most products (IBM does, maybe Lenovo as well?). Sure they are a little overpriced, but any replacement part I bought for my X31 was "in range" and one was surprisingly cheap.

--BDKMPSS 14:36, 2 November 2007 (UTC)

UPDATE Using a ZIF HDD/SSD with a Thinkpad X40/X41 is possible. One have to use a ZIF 1.8" to IDE 2.5" adapter, available on ebay for example. The 3.3V regulator have to be removed. If you are willing to setup a such disk, you may be interested in these tutorials (in japanese also here or in german) and these threads on this one and this one.

Please note that with most of the devices --- ie not the hdd white list stored in the BIOS --- you will get the "2010 error". This will also result in a bios startup slowdown. It seems that there is no way to avoid this issue for an X40/X41.

1.8" IDE HDD are not available anymore. Thus, Lenovo after-sale services now provides a full setup with a new ZIF 1.8" HDD, a special HDD case and a ZIF 1.8" to IDE 2.5" adapter. Some testimonies can be found on thinkpads forums with some pictures.

--Mat41 18:43, 22 December 2008 (CET)

1.8" drives

I recommend once your Deathstar 1.8" drive dies, just use an external drive like I do here:

X40s can boot Linux fine from external USB hard drives.

If you want to attempt to pull data off an old 1.8" drive, you can actually use an 2.5" IDE USB enclosure like I do here:

Hendry 21:02, 31 October 2007 (UTC)

This does not solve the problem, because you have to carry the external hard drive where ever you go and use it every time, which successfully defeats the concept of a notebook, especially of any sub-notebook like the X-Series ones.

Its better to do it, then using your ThinkPad as a paperweight, but no real solution of roadwarriors.

--BDKMPSS 14:16, 2 November 2007 (UTC)

The HDD connector looks like a standard 2.5" HDD connector. You can physically connect a 2.5" IDE drive, but it protrudes form the case (of course) and the BIOS does not recognise it. Possibly it draws too much power?

Unfortunately, new 1.8" drives with this connector are still rare and expensive. (compared to the current value of the X40/X41)

I'd suggest two alternatives:

  • get a poor-mans SSD using a CF-to-IDE adapter such as this one: [1] (if it fits? better one with DMA.)
  • buy a used MP3 player with a Hitachi 1.8" drive.

I have an old Creative Zen Touch, with a 20GB Hitachi Travelstar. This will be an organ-donor, should the thinkpad's HDD ever die. --Mykh 04:56, 15 July 2008 (CEST)