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Great work, guys!

I have a hitachi HTS548080M9AT00 in my T42 (2373-M1U).
It DOES provide the SENSE CONDITION command
(works with hdparm -H /dev/hda, or your perl script read_hitachi_temp /dev/hda)
however, my system does not provide /sys/block/$DEV/device/model the script gives an error about not finding that file, and does the energy-taxing read.

I'm not sure where else to look for that model number ... it's in dmesg, of course. Perhaps it would be appropriate to change the script to just read that information once, from an alternate source (in the case 'model' is not provided in /sys/block/hda/device) rather than every time it polls?

My fan seems to be running pretty consistently at level 2, about 3000 rpm, whether I use the script or leave it to auto-control.

~David Emerson

You have to use the "libata"-kernel-driver for this function to work! It is not used (by default) if you have a IDE drive (as you do). You can use it, but your drive than appears as sda, not hda.

Please use Talk:Fan_control_scripts for discussions about the script and MOVE both our posts there. I think your question was asked there some time ago.

--BDKMPSS 20:31, 21 January 2008 (CET)