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Hi, is it worth to contact ibm in some sort of conserted effort to get this going?

Just found this thread,

Of particular interest is some code that got posted there. --Danguy 05:28, 28 Apr 2005 (CEST)

useless code

This (C#) code is useless.
It does not read the actual sensors which gets done by a seperate device driver (shockprf.sys)

IBM not interested

I have contacted IBM several times on the providing of specs for the APS. They are simply not interested. And yes, everybody within IBM may at any time experiment with Linux. But no, since there is no commercial interest for a Linux-port of this APS-feature, they are not doing it.

Gijs :-(

discussion on the kernel mailing list

There has been some ongoing discussions about HDAPS on the linux kernel mailinglist: [1]

maybe something comes out of this,

Today I recorded data from a ride home. The result is at

Tools used to create it are in /util in my svn rep.

--Daniel Willmann 18:41, 5 Jul 2005 (CEST)

Table of latch data from the (experimental) hdaps driver

I moved that table to the talk page in case someone still needs it. I think it's not needed anymore, and it never belonged on this page anyways. Wyrfel 04:33, 17 April 2006 (CEST)

ThinkPad bios firmware latch flip Value at 1.75 radians (see below) Value at 0.75 radians Value at rest boxers hdd-type
R51 1VET64WW 01 reversed (110,75) (-36,-10) IC25N040ATMR04_0-ATA-DISK-drive
R52 01 reversed HTS541060G9AT00_SATA-DISK-drive
T41 01 reversed
T41p 03 OK
T42 01 reversed HTS548080M9AT00
T42p 03 OK
T43 01 reversed
T43p 03 OK
X41 Tablet 75ET30WW (550, 300) (410, 484) (480, 400) HTC426040G9AT00

For the value at 1.75 radians, and value at 0.75 radians, we want the data from the pivot application (included in the driver tgz) at SE and NW, with North being straight away from the user and West being to the left. In other words, SE is "tilt the laptop toward you and to the right" and NW is "tilt the laptop away from you and to the left".

What do all the parameters in the table mean?

'Thinkpad' is obvious. Perhaps 'Model' makes more sense.

'bios firmware' is also obvious, but the output of # biosdecode calls it 'BIOS Build ID'. It should probably say how to determine the firmware version.

What are 'latch' and 'flip'?

'Value at 1.75' is explained below. How useful is it that the tilt be exactly 1.75 radians (and not 1.74 for example). Also, 1.75 radians between what and what? Between a flat surface and the keyboard? Or between a flat surface and the LCD when the LCD is perpendicular to the keyboard?

Same question for 'Value at 0.75'

I just added 'Value at rest'. By that, I mean when the tablet is resting on its base on a flat surface. LCD position is immaterial. Keyboard - flat-surface angle is 0.

What is 'boxers'?

'hdd-type' I believe HDD model number from # hdparm -I /dev/sda. It should be clarified.

In the second table, 'firmware', I believe, refers to the HDD firmware. This is the result of the 'Firmware Revision' value from # hdparm -I /dev/sda

As for 'parked', there probably is a way to tell whether or not it gets parked. I haven't looked into it.

Does the information in that table help anyone at all? It seemed good for development of the hdaps driver, but that's already in the kernel. Do we need that table? Otherwise I'd remove it soon.

And I'd move the harddisk firmware table to the Problem with APS harddisk parking page, then.

Wyrfel 17:24, 16 April 2006 (CEST)

Tilt Detection and Display Rotation?

Guess the iPhone commericialized in a big way first. Would be great if a ThinkPad display driver could detect rotation of the laptop and optionally rotate the display accordingly. Great for long wiki pages! ;-)

Actually, it is not the display driver that needs to do that, just the "tablet buttons" driver. I guess it would be more easy