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S3switch is a utility to switch between various output devices and formats supported by the S3 Savage chipsets.

This tool allows you to switch between the CRT, LCD, and S-Video (TV) output devices. The S-Video output device can be set to output as NTSC, NTSCJ or PAL TV signal format. S3switch can also output the current status and available output devices.

If you have Option "UseBIOS" "off" in your X Server configuration file, s3switch will only work when the X Server is not running.


Used to control output features of S3 Savage chipsets

  • Switches between output devices (CRT,LCD,TV)
  • Switches between output formats (NTSC,NTSCJ,PAL)

Project Homepage / Availability


  • List currently attached devices, active devices, and current format
$ sudo s3switch
  • Make CRT, LCD, and S-Video (TV) output active
$ sudo s3switch crt lcd tv
  • Set S-Video (TV) output format to NTSC
$ sudo s3switch ntsc


  • T23 users may need to apply this patch to avoid a Segmentation Fault

To apply the patch you will first need the source code for s3switch.

$ patch s3switch.c s3switch.patch

$ make

# mv s3switch /usr/local/bin

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