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radeontool is a hack to turn on and off the panels background light and external video.

This tool should no longer be used, please use xrandr instead for setting external video modes. Backlight can be modified through sysfs


  • turn background light on/off
  • turn external video on/off

There's also a script called lightwatch.pl available at the project homepage that turns off the background light whenever xscreensaver blanks the screen and back on when unblanked. A more sophisticated version can be found here.

You may need to set up sudo (preferred method) or make the executable setuid root by issuing

# chmod u+s /path/to/radeontool

in order to allow unprivileged users to use it.

Project Homepage / Availability


Slackware v12 does not include radeontool, so I had to find source. I was unable to connect to the any server at fdd.com on March 11, 2008. I was able to locate source and compile it for my T30 from http://mirror.x10.com/mirror/ubuntu/pool/main/r/radeontool/

Perhaps we could host the source here too?


  • stable and active

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