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Information about the problem of virtual consoles displaying random vertical lines, usually of one color, and no text

Problem description

After a while of using the computer, all text on virtual consoles from 0 to 6 disappears, and an image, usually consisting of vertical lines of one or few colors, appears instead. Typing is possible, as is starting X or switching to an already active X. When switching back, the text consoles remain unusable.

Affected Models

Affected Operating Systems

  • Linux


A workaround is being tested.


From linux kernel config, disable savagefb's console acceleration.

< > ATI Mach64 display support
<*> S3 Savage support
[ ]   Enable DDC2 Support
[ ]   Enable Console Accelereation  <--- see that this is disabled
< > SiS acceleration

If using "reset" does not fix it, Debian users may try reinitialising the console by running /etc/init.d/ as root. A reboot is probably required if this fails.

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