Installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 on a ThinkPad T41p

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Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED 10) works out of the box: video, networking, trackpad with scrolling, suspend to disk.

My machine is a Thinkpad T41p, model 2373-GGS.

Things that I needed to tweak to make them work:

  • Suspend to RAM

Suspend to RAM

Suspend to RAM (actually, resuming) does not work if you have the Hidden Protected Area (HPA) enabled in the BIOS (see the section "SectorIdNotFound disk errors when laptop is resumed" in the list of problems). This is because of a kernel bug, which makes the kernel not re-read the hard disk's HPA parameters when resuming from suspend.

I had to disable the Hidden Protected Area in the BIOS, and then I installed SLED 10. After that, I had to add


to /etc/powersave/sleep. After that, suspend to RAM worked correctly.

(Doing the above in SLED 10 is the same as putting acpi_sleep=s3_bios in the kernel command line in GRUB, but the kernel in SLED 10 allows this to be set at runtime - see the S2ram page on the openSUSE wiki.)

I am using the free ATI Radeon driver that comes with xorg-x11. I don't know or care if the proprietary drivers also work when suspending.

Suspend when the lid closes or with Fn-F4

I had to tweak some options in YaST's Power Management module. Go to Power management settings, click the Other settings... drop-down, and select ACPI Settings. In the next dialog, change Sleep Button and Laptop Lid Closing to Suspend to RAM.