Installing Fedora Core 6 on a ThinkPad R60

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Fedora Core 6 works really well (except for Wifi) on this hardware out of the box. All of my testing was done with Fedora Core 6 Test 3 (I will update this with the information from the final version of Fedora Core 6 when it releases).

The R60 I used had the following specifications:

  • Intel Core Duo T2400 (1.83GHz)
  • 512MB RAM
  • 60GB 5400rpm HD
  • 15in 1400x1050 LCD
  • Intel 945GM/PM/GMS/940GML Graphics Controller
  • Built in CDRW/DVD
  • Verizon WWAN
  • Built in Modem
  • Built in 1Gb Ethernet
  • Built in secure chip
  • Built in IEEE 1394 (firewire)
  • 6c Li-Ion Battery

Needs tweaking:

  • Some of the special key combinations
  • Hibernation


  • Firewire (probably works)
  • Modem (requires the non-free Linuxant driver)
  • Card slots (probably depends on what you use them for)

Everything else just works, atleast after the very simple process of getting the drivers (explained below). Everything pretty much means everything, but if anyone want a list: USB, CD/DVD (also burner), UltraNav (mouse), dual cores, graphics card, sound card, network (cable).

Before You Begin

You'll want to make sure that you have gone into the BIOS and enabled the modem. Even if you never plan on using the modem, the soundcard will NOT work without the modem enabled in BIOS.

Partition and boot

Boot off the Fedora Core 6 CD (I used the DVD). Graphical installation should work fine. Answer all the questions however you'd like, there is nothing special you need to do here.


Fedora Core 6 boots an SMP capable kernel by default, so you will immediately get both cores enabled.

The CPU frequencies gets clocked up and down as needed automaticly (to save power and generate less heat when not in use). You can add an applet to the Gnome panel to monitor this (two applets really, one for each core).


The gigabit network card works out of the box. It uses the tg3 driver.

Unfortunately the same cannot always be said for the inbuilt wireless ethernet adapter. The chip set on some machines is Atheros for which there is currently (mid-January 2007) no driver. Various Ubuntu forums have reported the same problem. At the moment, an external (e.g. PCMCIA) wireless adapter will be required. If you have the Intel Pro/Wireless 3945abg chipset however, you may find some help at


The R60 can either comes with onboard Intel graphics, or a X-series ATI-card. My R60 had Intel graphics, a very recent chipset. As a result, Fedora Core 6 is the first version of Fedora which properly supports the video controller. The default X configuration worked for me out of the box, 1280x1024 at 60 Hz, with the i810 driver. The default X configuration works out of the box with the ATI X1400 chipset and the 15" display as well at 1400x1050, but it uses the generic VESA drivers.

CD/DVD drive

CD audio and data work, DVD data works. Didn't test burning, or even try to watch a DVD movie.


This worked out of the box, from the shutdown dialog, off the GNOME power applet, and from Fn+F4.


The choice in the shutdown dialog or the option from the GNOME power applet starts the machine going into hibernate mode... but it never quite makes it. Fn+F12 doesn't do anything. Still need to do more testing here.


Sound just worked, as long as the modem was enabled in BIOS.

Touchpad and Trackpoint Mice

They both work fine.

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