IBM Integrated 56K Modem (MDC-2)

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IBM Integrated 56K Modem (MDC-2)

This is an AC'97 Modem Adapter card that is installed in a CDC slot.


  • Chipset: Conexant SmartV.92 Softmodem DSP
  • Speeds: 33.6/56.6 Kbps (V.34/V.90/V.92/K56flex)
  • PCI ID: Varies, depends on the AC'97 modem controller's PCI ID
  • Headers: One 2-pin connector

Part numbers

  • 93P4212, 93P4166, 91P7321, 39T0061

Linux driver

See the Conexant HSF modem drivers page.


There is an issue regarding connectivity with this softmodem, likely due an outdated K56flex firmware. See Need to disable 56K modem speed for a workaround.

This card may be found in