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@)#$(*!!!! From the article:

"The T60 improves upon the T43 by offering... a Windows key"

I've always loved IBM for omitting the Windows key on their keyboards - I'm sure most all of us linux users also agree that this is NOT an improvement. I think that Lenovo is deviating from the original visions/spirit of IBM in several regards... gsmenden

I need to second this. Argl! Lenovo really trashed the good old Thinkpads :( Bluebrother 20:11, 6 Jan 2006 (CET)

The more the keys, the better - stick anything you want onto the key using glue... but yeah, I guess they ought to release a Linux version with a Linux key.

BTW, Thinkpads aren't very good at running Linux out-of-the-box. Perhaps the Linux community ought to take more interest in these durable machines.

Anybody know yet if the old keyboards are compatible with the new keyboards (i.e. can we swap one without the windows-keys?) It appears to be a slightly different cutout pattern, so even if the ribbon pinout was the same, it might not fit, but I haven't seen good enough pictures of the keyboard to judge for sure... gsmenden 18:29 18 Feb 2006 (EST)

Hmm, they used to change the keyboard layouts between and even within the productseries. The powerplug has changed, so we have to buy extra poweradapters for support, they are also less solid build as the T4x series. Lets focus on the T7x series....

Actually I disagree. Who cares if the key has a Windows logo on it, it's useful and can be remapped for other uses.

If you're so anti-MS you just can't stand seeing it, take some rubbing alcohol and remove it. Then put a sticker or even better paint on a Linux penguin. Hmm maybe not such a bad project lol.

The Windows key _does_ matter. - Less space for the other keys. Sure, the win key can be useful, thats why I mapped it to caps lock on my T4x

But what seems to be the really hard stuff, is the 1400x1050 resolution on a 14.1".

Defiant 21:45 29 Jun 2006 (CEST)

so what is the problem with gma950 and the 1440 x 1050 screen?

Speaking only for myself (trying it with Ubuntu v7.04), the problem is that the maximum resolution of 1400x1050 on the T60s with Intel graphic cards is not available - highest possible is 1280x1024. I'm not an Linux expert, but though I had competent help and was working all day on this issue on my 14"-T60, I was not able to make it work. As far as I understand it, the panels EDID-descriptors are misleading, as they only tell you a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 (but works under Windows XP though). I tried several options of the i810-driver, 915resolution, custom modelines ... nothing worked so far. Any advice is highly appreciated.  :-)