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The TP 1161-267 used to be promoted as part of the i1200 series. Is this a mistake or is it really part of that series, if so why?

i1200 is the marketing name, 1161 is the type, 267 is the model.


Hi there. I found a working i-Series Thinkpad:) But unfortunatelly have no caddy for this TP 1161. Since these things are really expensive (around $50!), i tried to find out what adapter you need to connect from the 2,5" ide-hdd to that strange Thinkpad-slot... Can anyone give me the name of that kind of connector? It has to be a more common one i think, since a Conpaq n600e seams to have the same slot in it. I hope that it will cost less.

Thanks for any help! uby