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ThinkPad SL300

This page gives an overview of the ThinkPad SL300.

The SL300 has IdeaPad firmware, as such some of the ThinkPad specific drivers and features are not supported.


ThinkPad SL300

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As of Oct 1, 2008 with Fedora 9 and kernel-

  • No Linux drivers for the IdeaPad-specific functionality exists.
  • Brighness control does not work well, something is interacting rather badly with the brightness control in gnome/hal, so the brightness control is rather erratic
  • Intel 5100AGN Wifi does not work (but according to [1] support is coming soon.
  • The ethernet port acts up a bit and sometimes does not work at all and usually fails to run at 1000 MBit.

Nov 15 2008, Fedora 10 preview (kernel- update:

  • Still no drivers for IdeaPad-specific buttons, since thinkpad-acpi does not apply
  • Brightness control works, apart from the fact that it's reversed (Fix exists: [2])
    Also, the behavior is incorrect in another way.
    tracked upstream by:
  • Wireless seem to work flawlessly
  • Switch to a text console form X11 dissorts the text console with intel GPU, unless you use VESA frame buffer console
    • Add vga=0x318 to kernel command line if you need text console

Sep 14 2009

  • Most problems are gone, see comments on.