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This page gives an introduction to Gentoo and an overview of related articles.

What is Gentoo?

Gentoo is a relatively young Linux meta-distribution with an innovative approach. Trying to describe the big difference in one sentence, its heart is a system called Portage.A package manager which implements a way of automatically building software from source, hence giving you maximum configuration and optimization while still not requiring you to do the manual compile steps. Using one command, the portage system will automatically calculate and resolve dependencies, search for the sources (or binary), compile them to your optimization (if necessary) and install them. Try to do that with your .RPM and .DEB files.

One could say that Gentoo is the symbioses of some of the advantages of LFS and binary packaged distributions.

(anyone wanting to edit this, feel free, i'm not a gentoo guy, see also Gentoo_compile_flags)

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