Bluetooth Laser Mouse

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About the mouse

The Lenovo Bluetooth Laser Mouse is a small bluetooth mouse in the typical ThinkPad-design. Lenovo partnumber is 41U5008.

Technical specifications

  • Three Buttons
  • Scrollwheel with tilt-functions
  • Infrared Laser
  • 800 dpi

Using the mouse with Linux

The first time you are using the mouse it has to be paired with your computer. Switch the mouse on, press the button next to the power-switch and use the following command to connect it:

# hidd --search

This will search for the mouse and connect it:

Searching ...
       Connecting to device 00:02:76:XX:XX:XX

Now you should be able to use the device. You do not have to pair the mouse every time you want to use it. For the next time, just make sure that hidd is started using the --server option. On debian your settings in /etc/default/bluetooth would look like this:

HIDD_OPTIONS="--master --server"

With these settings it should suffice to switch the mouse on and press the left button to make it connect.