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How to add a new model category to the ThinkWiki

This page is a checklist for you, proud owner of a ThinkPad that is not listed in ThinkWiki yet, who wants to help enhance this Wikipedia with information about your new model.

  1. Make sure you are aware of the guidelines for adding new pages, described in the Help:Editing page. This is to reduce unnecessary clutter and inconsistency, which would make the site very difficult to navigate through.
  2. If the model belongs to a new series that hasn't been added yet, you will have to create a page for it and add it to the Template:Models page. The extra step would be to add it into the relevant series template page. For example, an X210 belongs to the X series, so the X210's page has to be added to the Template:X Series page. This is required for the sake of convenience, as listing every single model in the X series line-up would take up far too much space. So, by doing this, you are essentially making it easier to state/mention every single model in the X series line-up. It also helps to reduce page clutter as it requires only one single word.
  3. (optional, if you're using Linux) Locate your model on Lenovo's 'download and support' site, track down and fill in the information on the following pages:
    1. BIOS versions, download page and name (this information helps supporting users a lot)
    2. DMI system ID information (this information is very important for the Linux kernel driver writers)
    3. Default meanings of special keys (this information is important to the thinkpad-acpi kernel driver maintainer)
  4. Look for pages describing hardware and issues that are relevant to your model, and make sure they link back to the new category page. Looking at the category page for models of the same generation as yours will give you an starting point.

Yes, it is a lot of work, and you don't have to do it in one sitting, but it will make ThinkWiki a much better site.