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Using ACPI with Thinkpads

This page provides tips and tricks for making ACPI behave properly.

Thinkpad 600E 2645-4AU

Debian Lenny/2.6.21

ACPI works but there are problems with suspend/hibernate:

  • The package uswsusp doesn't have 600E white listed as of this writing (Aug 2007) so for suspend to ram you need to use "s2ram -f -p -m". On resume the video mode will be messed up switching back and forth to X fixes it. Don't suspend to ram without running X because the console gets messed up. Please, update this information if you find workarounds. Newer versions of uswsusp will white list 600E.
  • Soundcard module needs reloading.
  • 3com Etherlink III pcmcia card needs reloading.

Warning: There's a strange problem with ACPI - the system will lock hard when the fan is first started. Once the fan is running after the reboot the problem appears no longer.

Debian Lenny/2.6.22

Linux 2.6.22 is fixing most of the problems with 2.6.21:

  • The sound card works fine on resume
  • The system no longer freezes when fan is switched on
  • s2ram works without any quirks using -f -s

I strongly recommend the latest BIOS version