Installing Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) on a ThinkPad T510

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Success Chart - Out of the box experience

I had posted a fedora 13 howto for this same model on kde. Unfortunately results were not good and i decided to change to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS edition. Worked marvelously!

Item Working Notes
Installation Local CD/DVD install yes
Network Installation unknown
USB Installation yes
Display Laptop Screen (15.6" TFT display with 1920x1080(FHD) or 1600x900(HD+)) yes See notes below
VGA yes
Power Management Software Suspend (hibernate) yes
Suspend to Memory (ACPI sleep) yes
Audio yes
Wireless WiFi - ThinkPad 11b/g/n Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Express Adapter II yes Has some small issue. see notes below
Bluetooth yes It did detect my HTC legend and i transferred some files from it.
Input Keyboard yes
(TrackPoint / Touchpad combo) yes
Extra keys partial see ThinkPad Extra keys section below
Fingerprint yes See notes below
Ports Ethernet yes
Modem unknown
ExpressCard_slot unknown
USB yes
Firewire_Port unknown
5-in-1 MultiCard Reader yes 2GB SanDisk Ultra II SD flash card automatically detected.
2.0MP webcamera yes Tested with Skype. Works perfectly.
Harddisk Active Protection yes See notes below
TPM (security subsystem) unknown
Dock removal unknown

Tested and Verified on ubuntu 10.04

Information in this section has been tested and verified using ubuntu 10.04.


Installation is very easy and a breeze. The system boots really fast. Even faster then windows. I was like WOW!!! However as the default installation came with windows and drive was not partitioned, i had to manually resize the partitions. I used the following guide to partition the HDD

Be careful! Make sure you have make your recovery disks and Boot disk first prior to partitioning. These disks are made in windows itself. In my case i had 2 recovery DVD's and 1 boot cd. Also DO NOT delete the recovery partition or driver partition.


I recommend you update your system after installation to get all the bugs sorted out






Update the driver by selecting System-->Administration-->Hardware drivers. You will be prompted if you want to upgrade to the relevant driver, Accept and restart. There is a bug in ubuntu in that the startup and shutdown logos get blurred. Beats me why they have not sorted it out yet but its not "important" as the logo only comes up when you start or shut down the system.

Backlight controls are not functional while running nVidia driver 195. They can be controlled by either changing brightness in a VT or adding the following to the "Devices" section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf

   Option "RegistryDwords" "EnableBrightnessControl=1"

Reboot and the keys now work


The wifi driver with the old kernel before updating is unstable. it hardly detects access points and if it does it continuously disconnects. The problem is solved simply by upgrading your system to the latest kernel. # sudo aptitude update

# sudo aptitude upgrade

Then reboot and the wifi card works flawlessly.

FingerPrint Reader

Finally worked. It was so easy.

1. Download the driver from here Protector Suite for Linux 2. To enroll type

# enroll

A graphical fingerprint program will come up where you just select which finger(s) you want to enroll.

For PAM, Add this as the first line to PAM configuration files: /etc/pam.d/sudo

auth sufficient pam_upek.s

Although it should be there already.

Done now when you log out, reboot, type a sudo command all you need to do is swipe your finger and press the ENTER key:).

Setup ThinkVantage ActiveProtection

sudo cp /etc/modules /etc/modules_backup
sudo aptitude install tp-smapi-source
sudo module-assistant prepare tp-smapi
sudo module-assistant auto-install tp-smapi
sudo modprobe tp-smapi
sudo aptitude install hdapsd
echo 'tp-smapi' | sudo tee -a /etc/modules

You can set the activeprotection sensivity:

cd /etc/default/
gedit hdapsd
# sensitivity

Now you can try, if the modules are loaded yet. Do so with

lsmod | grep hdaps

if not perform:

sudo modprobe -a thinkpad_ec tp_smapi hdaps

If the installation of hdapsd succeeded, you can test it by typing this into your terminal:

sudo hdapsd -d sda -s 15 -a -v -y 

If you suddenly move your laptop the output will change! (stop it with pressing Ctr + C)

Reboot. Now HDAPS should work. If you want to have a HDAPS icon in your notification area like in Windows, follow these steps to install ThinkHDAPS

Download and put it into your home directory. Right click on the file and select "Extract Here". In terminal run

cd ~
cd thinkhdaps_0.2.1-1_all
sudo cp
tar -zxvf data.tar.gz 
sudo cp usr/bin/thinkhdaps /usr/bin/
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/thinkhdaps
sudo cp usr/share/pixmaps/* /usr/share/pixmaps/

Now you can run

thinkhdaps &

to make the ThinkHDAPS icon appear in the notification area


To make it autostart go to System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications, select the "Startup Programms" tab, click Add and add this

Name: thinkhdaps
Command: thinkhdaps

Click Add and then Close. Now the ThinkHDAPS icon should be always visible in the notification area.

ThinkPad Extra keys

ThinkPad keys are handled by a mixture of the thinkpad_acpi, acpi button and acpi dock drivers.

Key Function Handled by Event Works Notes
FnF2 Lock the computer - unknown yes
FnF3 Select Power Plan - unknown yes
FnF4 Put Computer to sleep/standby mode - unknown yes
FnF5 wireless - unknown yes Switches the bluetooth off
FnF6 Change camera/audio settings - unknown yes
FnF7 Switch Display output location - unknown yes
FnF8 Change ultranav device settings - unknown yes
FnF12 Put computer in hibernation mode - unknown unknown
FnHome brightness up - unknown yes
FnEnd brightness down - unknown yes
FnPgUp thinklight - unknown yes
FnSpace zoom - unknown unknown
FnPrtSc Have the same function as the SysRq key. - unknown unknown
FnScrLk Enable or disable the numeric keypad. - unknown yes
FnPause Have the same function as the Break key. - unknown unknown
ThinkVantage Vendor key - unknown unknown
VolumeUp Volume Up - unknown yes
VolumeDown Volume Down - unknown yes
VolumeMute Volume Mute - unknown yes
MicMute Microphone Mute - unknown no
NextTab Browser Next tab - unknown yes
PreviousTab Browser Previous tab - unknown yes
Power Power button - unknown yes
Lid Lid button - unknown yes