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I love ThinkPads.

The second laptop I ever owned was a used ThinkPad 365XD which was given to me in 2003. It ran Windows 98, and served me for almost a year before it met it's fate falling three feet to a concrete floor.

It would be another two years before I owned another ThinkPad, this time a R40 purchased off eBay. Unfortunately, it died just a year or so later, from what seemed to be failure of the system board or graphics chip.

I recently obtained a collection of older ThinkPads.

quantity - model

Working and/or Minor Issues

1 - 365XD
3 - 380XD
2 - 380ED
1 - 380Z
1 - 770
1 - 560

Not Working

1 - 600E
2 - Uncertain Models (P2/Celeron Era)

Unknown - No Power Adapter

1 - 760L
1 - 755CE
1 - 360CS