Installation instructions for the ThinkPad T43p

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Specific installation notes for the ThinkPad T43p.

General Notes

Mine came with Windows XP, which took up the entire 60GB hard disk. I needed to resize the NTFS partition. Did this by the following:

  • -- Download ISORecorder
  • -- download SystemRescueCD and burn onto CD using ISORecorder
  • F12 during bootup to configure BIOS options to boot from CDROM
  • Boot from SystemRescueCD
  • At "boot:" prompt, type fb1024
  • Select keyboard map, etc, when prompt appears type run_qtparted
  • Resize ntfs using qtparted- set it from 54GB to 30GB

After doing all this, rebooted into Windows to check everything was OK, which it was. Verified that disk size now says 30GB.

Distro specific Instructions

External Sources