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[[Category:R40]] [[Category:R50]] [[Category:R50p]] [[Category:R51]] [[Category:R51p]] [[Category:T40]] [[Category:T40p]] [[Category:T41]] [[Category:T41p]] [[Category:T42]] [[Category:T42p]] [[Category:X40]]
[[Category:R40]] [[Category:R50]] [[Category:R50p]] [[Category:R51]] [[Category:R52]] [[Category:T40]] [[Category:T40p]] [[Category:T41]] [[Category:T41p]] [[Category:T42]] [[Category:T42p]] [[Category:T43]] [[Category:T43p]] [[Category:X31]] [[Category:X32]] [[Category:X40]] [[Category:X41]]
[[de:Betriebssystem Rückgewinnung]]
[[de:Betriebssystem Rückgewinnung]]

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Here you can find all kinds of information about the preloaded OS found on recent ThinkPads.