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'''[[:Category:770X | ThinkPad 770X]]'''
'''[[:Category:770X | ThinkPad 770X]]'''
<!-- insert A series models here -->
<!-- insert A series models here -->

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Hardware specs and information about the specific Thinkpad Models.

  • Choose a model name to to get a list of all currently available information related to this Model.
  • Choose a type-and-model number to get the specs of that specific model.
  • Compare the Thinkpad series (R, T, X, G), get an overview of the ThinkPad History or learn about the name ThinkPad.

Available Models

Numbered A series G series R series S series T series X series others

ThinkPad 390X

ThinkPad 600X

ThinkPad 700

ThinkPad 770E

ThinkPad 770X

ThinkPad R40

ThinkPad R40e

ThinkPad R51

ThinkPad T20

ThinkPad T21

ThinkPad T23

ThinkPad T30

ThinkPad T40p

ThinkPad T41p

ThinkPad T42

ThinkPad T42p

ThinkPad X22

ThinkPad X31