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Information on Thinkpad Drivers.



Thinkpad ACPI driver for 2.6 type kernels.

Current version: 0.4

Current features:

  • Fn key combinations
  • Bluetooth enable and disable
  • video output switching, video expansion control
  • ThinkLight on/off
  • limited docking and undocking
  • UltraBay device eject


Status: in early development, very much alife

IBM UltraCam II driver

Patch for the 2.4.20 kernel to enable support for the IBM UltraCam II.

Current version: patch for 2.4.20

Current features:

  • camera working on USB and Ultraport
  • supports the basic functions of the camera
  • automatic white balancing
  • NO support for brightness, contrast, hue and saturation
  • NO support for high resolution aka 640x480


Status: seems to be dead