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This is DDR2 (Double Data Rate) memory in 200-pin SO-DIMM form-factor.
PC2-5300 memory is also called DDR2-667


Available memory types from Lenovo

Partnumber FRU Description
40Y7732 40Y8401 256MB PC2-5300 DDR2 CL5 SO-DIMM
40Y7733 40Y8402 512MB PC2-5300 DDR2 CL5 SO-DIMM
40Y7734 40Y8403 1GB PC2-5300 DDR2 CL5 SO-DIMM
40Y7735 40Y8404 2GB PC2-5300 DDR2 CL5 SO-DIMM

ThinkPads that support this technology

ThinkPad Models Soldered
On Systemboard
Slot 1
Slot 2
T60, T60p Occupied depends 4GB2 3 Unknown
R61, T61 Occupied depends 4GB2 Unknown
R60e Occupied depends 4GB2 3 Unknown
X60, X60s Occupied Empty 4GB2 3 Unknown

  1. See Unofficial maximum memory specs
  2. Based on 2x 2GB DIMMs.
  3. Due to Intel 945 chipset limitation, addressable memory will be (4GB - I/O space) ~ 3.2GB

Available PC2-5300 memory from other manufacturers

Manufacturer Partnumber Description Tested on model
Crucial CT2KIT12864AC667 2x1 GB R60e (0657-3LG1)
Crucial CT25664AC667 2 GB
Crucial CT2KIT6464AC667 2x512 MB
Crucial CT12864AC667 1 GB
Crucial CT6464AC667 512 MB
Crucial Rendition RM12864AC6674 1 GB T60 (2007-49G)
G.Skill F2-5400PHU1-1GBSA 1 GB T60p (2007-93G2)
G.Skill F2-5300CL5S-2GBSA3 2 GB

  1. The memory module that was shipped with this laptop had the same Micron logo as the modules from Crucial, which is a division of that company.
  2. Memory for T60p spec is CL5, but this module which was CL4 works fine. The product page at G.Skill describes it wrongly as a CL5 module.
  3. Some users reported the RAM module is in fact overclocked from 533MHz to 677MHz, hence some systems may report 533MHz and/or CL4
  4. Crucials website doesnt list Rendition memory, but the memory is clearly labelled as Crucial Rendition by several resellers